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Registration is closed for this course.

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Registrant / Student Information

The "Registrant" is the person responsible for this registration and who will receive a copy of the receipt. The "Registrant" may be the "Student" registering for the course or someone registering on behalf of the "Student." Course confirmation emails are sent to all students registered if a valid email is provided.
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Southface has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to accept education benefits from those who have served in the military, who are currently on active duty, or are dependents of a disabled or deceased veteran for over 90 percent of Southface courses.  Learn more.

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Enrollment Agreement

  • Course Information, Tuition and Fees - Courses may or may not require additional fees, testing and third party exams to achieve certification. If you need additional information about what is included with this course, requirements or the clarification on the path to certification, please contact I acknowledge that I have read and understand what is included in this course; NOTE:  This course is supplemental and not primary for career development.
  • Proctoring Policy - If your training does not include an exam, or you would like Southface to proctor your exam at another time, you can set up a proctoring session for a Southfacer to proctor your exam.
  • Grievance Policy and Process - We want to offer our students the highest quality of service and ethics. If something about your course is not satisfactory, use this form to make sure your request is processed swiftly.
Southface Institute will consider this agreement to be accepted upon full receipt of payment for training and the acknowledgement by the student that they agree to all provided Southface terms.