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Project Contact Information

Thank you for choosing the EarthCraft Light Commercial (ECLC) Certification Program to meet your project's needs for third-party verification of environmentally responsible design and construction practices. EarthCraft is a regional green building certification program, specific to projects located in the Southeast.

Before registering your project, visit the EarthCraft Light Commercial webpage to learn more about the ECLC program, including program eligibility, certification costs, certification process during design and construction, and to download the complete program Technical Guidelines.

Project registration is priced on a sliding scale based on square footage per ECLC building project and is the first step in initiating certification process. Once payment is received, please allow approximately 5 business days for an ECLC representative to contact you regarding the next steps toward certification. Note, in rare cases, a project may be deemed ineligible to enter the EarthCraft Light Commercial Program. In the event a project is project deemed ineligible, the registration fee will automatically be refunded to the account used for the initial payment.

Please fill in the following contact information to register your project, required fields are marked with an *.
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Payment Information

EarthCraft Light Commercial Registration Fee Structure
To officially begin an EarthCraft Light Commercial project, each project must be registered prior to the Pre-Drywall Inspection. The registration fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee the project will be certified. The totals below include EarthCraft administration fees, and do not include any additional fees as outlined by EarthCraft Technical Advisors or any additional technical assistance. 

EarthCraft Light Commercial Registration Fee Structure
  • <10,000 sq ft:  $2,000.00
  • ≥10,000 sq ft to <30,000 sq ft:  $4,000.00
  • ≥30,000 sq ft to <50,000 sq ft:  $6,000.00
  • ≥50,000 sq ft to 80,000 sq ft:  $8,000.00
Square footage based on finished condition square footage
Terms of Registration

EarthCraft Light Commercial is a prescriptive guide and third-party verification program created to provide third-party recognition for environmentally responsible design and construction of small-scale commercial building projects. EarthCraft is not responsible for any liability for the sufficiency in quality, preparation, or comprehensiveness of the final design or for the construction of the Project in accordance with the approved final design; nor shall EarthCraft have control over, nor be responsible for, the construction means or methods, construction techniques, construction sequencing, or for safety precautions required of the Project. Participation in the EarthCraft Light Commercial program is voluntary and it is highly recommended that the Project Team review the program Technical Guidelines prior to Project Registration.

By completing the registration process, the Project Team understands that registration does not guarantee certification and that that there are key program requirements that must be completed in order to achieve certification including, but not limited to the following:
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If you choose to proceed with registration, an invoice request will be sent to our accounting department and you will receive a invoice from within 3 to 5 business days. Note that default of any payment for certification services rendered will result in an immediate postponement of future services and may compromise eligibility to seek certification.  Please enter the payment information below to complete the registration process. The totals outlined below include all EarthCraft administrative fees. These totals do not include any additional fees for technical assistance by EarthCraft Technical Advisors.