EarthCraft Communities Project Registration

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Project Contact Information

Please fill in the following contact information to register your project, required fields are marked with an *. Only registered EarthCraft Builders/Developers and EarthCraft Technical Advisors may use this form to register a project.
Registrant Contact
Enter the full name and email of the person filling out this project registration form.  A project registration email confirmation for each project registered will be sent to this registration contact.
Primary Billing Contact
Enter the full name and email of the primary billing contact.  An invoice or receipt email confirmation will be sent to this primary billing contact.
Alternate Billing Contact
Billing Organization
Enter the company responsible for this registration.  Use a two character state (example: GA) and only use a five character zip code (example: 30308).
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Project Information

Please enter the complete project information below.  If a project does not yet have a street address, please enter the project's Lot Number and Community as the projects street address.
Project and Programs
Project Address
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Project Specifications

Payment Information

EarthCraft Communities Registration Fees
All EarthCraft Communities projects are subject to a Project Administration and Certification fee. 
  • Project Registration - $5,000
Terms of Registration

Please review the "Terms of Registration" before proceeding.  When you select the "Next Page" button below, you will be able to review your project before you submit your registration. When prompted to confirm, you agree that:

(a) Everything that you stated in this form is accurate;

(b) The developer agrees to abide by all requirements and minimum construction standards of the EarthCraft program as articulated in the EarthCraft Manual and EarthCraft Technical Guidelines. To view these documents visit the Resources page of the EarthCraft website;

(c) Each project eligible for EarthCraft certification will be constructed to meet the line items specified on each project's specific EarthCraft Worksheet;

(d) The project will be tied to the version of the program active the day of registration and if the project does not begin design within 12 months of the registration date, the project will be required to updated to the current version of the program as applicable;

(e) All inspections must be completed in order for a project to be eligible for EarthCraft certification;

(f) An electronic signature (typed name) will be used in lieu of a written signature on EarthCraft documents;

(g) The developer understands that she or he is responsible for scheduling all required inspections with a certified EarthCraft Technical Advisor, submitting required documents to the EarthCraft Technical Advisor by the agreed upon deadlines, and paying all required fees on time;

(h)  The developer understands that the project information will be posted on a public database and website and can and may be accessed by third party sources for marketing, soliciting and other purposes. 

By clicking the ‘Register your EarthCraft project’ button you acknowledge that the EarthCraft Communities Developer consented to you registering this project on the EarthCraft Communities Developer's behalf and that the EarthCraft Communities Developer consented to all of the above terms. 

What is the next step?

After you register your EarthCraft Communities project, the next step will be to schedule your Design Charrette with your EarthCraft Technical Advisor.  For more information and program resources, please visit